Touch and Connection

As I watched my 7 year old son melt into my bed as I gave him an essential oil rub down, my mind started turning. I became curious about the importance of human touch. Over the past few months I have given countless “massages” to my partner and children and I have grown to really […]

Correct-X – For The Win

So, I’m obviously shameless when it comes to sharing information about myself on the internet…unless its Facebook, I don’t really do Facebook very well. Anyways, I experienced an awful hormonal break out under my jaw line recently (okay, honestly it has been going on for about 8 months). I mean awful! The kind of break […]

I’m NEVER drinking again!!!

How many times have you been out with your friends and the good times were rollin’ and so were the drinks…one thing leads to another and the next thing you know you’re in an Uber heading home. You wake up the next morning with that awful feeling of dehydration mixed with nausea and just know¬†that […]

Eat the cereal!!!

Greetings!! It’s been a whole year since I’ve posted. It’s been a little hectic and since I could not magically make 4 more hours a day appear, something had to give. I’ve been busy! Besides my full time job, attempting to manage two maniac children and maintain a sort-of-long-distance relationship, I enrolled in school for […]

Good Morning

Welp…it’s January 4th, how are those New Year’s Intentions going??? New Year’s Day inconveniently fell on a Wednesday. In all honesty, it’s such a bad day to start something new…I mean really!! Who starts a new diet on a Wednesday?!?! Who starts a work out routine in the middle of the week?!?! Besides, working out […]

Reflect & Move Forward

Does the new year really mean there needs to be a new you? If we look inward there is always going to be something we want to change about ourselves. Maybe you want to change something physical about yourself, maybe you want to change your job, relationship status, living situation? It’s possible you dislike something […]

A Quick Holiday Party Survival Guide

Does your office have a holiday party? Do your friends have a holiday pot luck? Does your family have a holiday gathering? Are you often caught between a rock and a hard place (read: dry celery stick and a chewy gingerbread cookie) when it comes to food aversions and trying not to be “that” girl […]