A Quick Holiday Party Survival Guide

Does your office have a holiday party? Do your friends have a holiday pot luck? Does your
family have a holiday gathering? Are you often caught between a rock and a hard place (read:
dry celery stick and a chewy gingerbread cookie) when it comes to food aversions and trying not
to be “that” girl or guy at these events?
From experience, I have often found myself with an internal struggle on dealing with the looks,
questions and judgment from my fellow party-goers for either not eating at all or carefully
selecting the lesser of all the evils. I have tried the approach of only picking certain foods, I’ve
tried not eating, hell…I’ve eaten it all! The best approach to maintaining your everyday diet at a
holiday party is going to be one of the two following approaches:

If you are able to bring a dish, bring one…in fact, bring two! I am going to a holiday party this
weekend and I am making bacon chili with a side of mini gf muffins. So many people stay away
from a gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-style life because they are intimidated. Most people don’t
realize the variety of food they are “allowed” to eat. Don’t tell them…show them!

If you are not able to bring a dish, eat before had….like REALLY eat. Get a full meal of protein,
fats and veggies in your body before you head to the party. By the time you arrive, you’ll be
ready for a drink (gasp…) and you won’t be tempted by the hunger dragon to devour the ginger
bread house. Hunger kills, seriously. Don’t go hungry.

When it comes to that adult beverage, stick to a gf cider. I’ve been really into Crispin Hard Apple
Cider that is sweetened with Honey. It’s pretty sweet so I can’t have more than once glass. If
cider is not available, try tequila or vodka. I really enjoy tequila and lime juice on the
rocks…maybe even add some soda water. I am not much of a vodka girl, but I hear it’s pretty
good with soda water and lime. Note: Tonic water is sweetened and will most likely contain high
fructose corn syrup; soda water is not. Red wine is another good option, but if you find yourself
congested during or after a glass of wine, you may have a sulfite intolerance and this will
probably not be the best choice.

All in all, like the impending zombie apocalypse, when the world is out to get you and there are
trays of “half-dead monsters” trying to destroy your guts and goals, your preparedness will pay
off. Not all of your fellow zombie destroyers will survive, and in the case of keeping your eats
clean, this is not a “no man left behind” situation. Some will fall and you need to let them fall. Do
not be dragged down by other’s poor decisions or weaknesses. Just like misery loves comfort,
no one wants to “indulge” alone.

By the way, if you do fall victim to the food or alcohol zombies, I can’t promise you won’t wake
up without a gnarly headache, possibly some digestion pain and maybe even a pimple, but you
will wake up (hopefully)!! Every morning you open your eyes to see a new day is a new
beginning and a chance to start fresh. Don’t allow a bad night out or poor food choices to carry
into the following days or weeks. Get back to nutrition, move on and smile at the memories!
Because that’s what matters, right…enjoying the company of our friends and family and making
memories that will last a lifetime!



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