Reflect & Move Forward

Does the new year really mean there needs to be a new you? If we look inward there is always going to be something we want to change about ourselves. Maybe you want to change something physical about yourself, maybe you want to change your job, relationship status, living situation? photoIt’s possible you dislike something about you or your life situation…there is always something within ourselves that we want to change.

I read an article about New Year’s resolutions and what I learned is that close to 90% of adults make a New Year’s resolution. Half of these resolution-makers throw in the towel before January ends and even more fail to stick to their plan by summer. By Thanksgiving, people are frustrated and dissatisfied with themselves. Do you really want to enter 2014 with big ideas and hopes of unrealistic results?

Society and the media tend to put added pressure on our already over-stressed lives that we lose focus of what really matters. I encourage you to take this opportunity to get back to the basics. Let 2014 be life-changing by making simple changes that affect the bigger picture. We tend to get so caught up in our day to day that we lose focus of the big picture.

If weight loss is a goal of yours, why don’t you change it to optimum health instead of just weight loss? Being “skinny” or “ripped” isn’t what is necessarily healthiest. Start with healthy food choices and get moving. If you have dreams of a new job or career, are there step you can take to eventually achieve your goal? Do you need special schooling or experience? Have you thought about enrolling in an online class? If saving money is on your 2014 to-do list, have you considered your financial goals? Are there little changes you can make to save just $20 per week? Eating out is a HUGE waste of money, in addition to taking you further from your financial and health goals. This, for me, is where Primal Cravings comes into play. Clean meals delivered to your door. No food prep, no questionable ingredients and a consistent food budget.

Ultimately, with goals, we need to break them down into smaller, more attainable goals. I found myself very unsatisfied with the status quo of my life. I really dislike being stagnant. I like forward motion. Self-reflection has opened my eyes to see that because I dislike sitting still or remaining in a stagnant situation, I’ve have made very rash, quick, inadvertent decisions. Some of these decisions will affect me for my life time, some are just a matter of a painfully low bank account, some have hurt others, some have hurt myself.

I began journaling and amongst my distaste for stagnant living, I made a list of goals. I made long-term, mid-term and short-term goals. I reflected on these daily. I would re-evaluate and find myself hitting goals left and right. There were set-backs and road blocks, but the satisfaction I felt from just achieving one goal was enough boost to keep me focused on the next. If I can do this, anyone can do this!

As the new year approaches, I strongly encourage you to make a cup of tea, sit somewhere quiet with a note book and pen and reflect. Reflect on 2013 and relive the happy moments, remember the sad or hurtful ones and let them go. Ponder on the thought of change. If you could change something about 2013, what would it be? Write these things down. Don’t allow self-hatred or guilt, you’re making a plan for a better future.

If I can set intentions and stick to them, anyone can…trust me!! The key is to be realistic….

Blessing to you and yours for the upcoming new year and cheers to many more!

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