Eat the cereal!!!

Greetings!! It’s been a whole year since I’ve posted. It’s been a little hectic and since I could not magically make 4 more hours a day appear, something had to give.

I’ve been busy! Besides my full time job, attempting to manage two maniac children and maintain a sort-of-long-distance relationship, I enrolled in school for Holistic Health.

It’s been a ride. I hit the pillow every day and wonder how the heck I made it through another day. Some days, I’m nearly in tears before I fall asleep (thanks, sensitive heart) and other days I can’t turn off my mind (thanks, anxiety), but all in all, I’m thankful to have the opportunity to attend a great natural healing school and support my little family.

Something that I can’t stop laughing about the past couple of days is my son, Colton. He is 6, going on 46. I started eating Paleo when he was around 1 1/2 years old. This kid was meant to eat this way. At the young age of 2, he would prefer a steak salad over pizza and blueberries over cookies. Being my first child, I talked to him CONSTANTLY. He would help me prepare our meals and we would discuss the ingredients (remember, this is my first kid we are talking about).

I have always worked so Colton has always been in day care. If your familiar with California day cares, they usually provide food including milk and juice for the kids. I have always opted out of these programs and packed lunches and sent my own milk for them to give him. At some point I must have over exaggerated that we do not drink “cow’s milk” because he made sure he was getting the milk I brought him.

Around 2 1/2 – 3 years old, Colton’s day care provider informed me that he was involved in a heated discussion with one of the teachers because he did not see her pour his milk. He made her dump it out and pour another cup in front of him. Apparently, everyone was aware of his obsessive behavior over not drinking cow’s milk.

Fast forward to 2015…we try to maintain an 80/20 Paleo centered diet. I learned long ago that I was (unfortunately) not going to be able to control what my children eat 24/7 (thanks, grandma). There are times I will get the kids a hot chocolate (Colton about had a heart attacked when I told him last week that his hot cocoa’s are made with cow’s milk – which he came to the conclusion that is why they are so creamy), a special donut, pizza dinner or other random non-paleo food choice. Colton spent the night at his best friend’s house over the weekend. He informed me that his friend’s mom poured him a HUGE bowl of cereal and after she poured the milk he asked “Is this cow’s milk???” When he found out it was, he said “Oh…I can’t have cow’s milk…” So he ate a Pop-Tart….because that was a better choice.

The moral of my winded words is that we can be so hell-bent on following one “rule” in life (whether it is diet, fitness, work, school, etc…) that we can miss the point. Colton is so determined to not drink cow’s milk that he thought the Pop-Tart was a better choice. He was proud of this decision because he said no to the moo. Do you ever find yourself so focused on something like say working out, that you will skip a work out if the conditions are not ideal? If you eat a clean breakfast, but cave at the office for the donut the vendor brought in, do you throw in the towel and give up the clean eats for the rest of the day?

There are lesser evils out there. If the conditions are not ideal for your outdoor work out, you can change your work out to, say, yoga or a body weight work out in your living room. If you eat the donut, eat it with pride and feel no guilt. Sure, you may regret that you ate it (my stomach would remind me it was a poor choice), but you can’t un-eat it….okay, I guess you technically could, but then we will have a whole different issue on hand.

There are also greater goods out there. If you make the choice to just move your body whether you feel like it or not, you will be so thankful you did. Make a conscious effort to wake up 20 minutes early to move your body in terms of yoga. If I can start my day with breathing and moving together, it sets the tone for such a calmer, more productive day. If you eat something “bad” at one meal or snack, move on and don’t skip a beat; make your next meal count. Your day is not wasted over one meal.

All in all, if it comes down to “cow’s milk” or a “Pop-Tart”, pick the cow’s milk…don’t fret on the less than ideal situation and enjoy that bowl of cereal (because it is probably your last bowl of cereal for 12 years)… :))

Thanks for letting me ramble non-sense at you…


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